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Big Trees Abound in New Jersey

By Linda Tancs

The New Jersey Forest Service has been keeping a record of the largest trees in the state since the 1950s.  Consider the silver maple off Route 179 in Ringoes, measuring 27 feet in circumference.  That tree also happens to be 208 years old.  And there’s the 175-year-old slippery elm (named for its sticky inner bark) in Wantage and the largest red oak (the State Tree) in Wyckoff.   These and other trees are part of the Champion Big Tree Register.  In 1884, New Jersey celebrated its first official Arbor Day celebration.  Tomorrow is National Arbor Day, a special day for tree planting celebrated nationwide.  Plant a tree.  Who knows, it just might grow up to be a champ.


  Uncle Tree wrote @

Happy Arbor Day to you!
From Lincoln, Nebraska 🙂
Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree ▲


  Linda Tancs wrote @

Thank you–and likewise! Hope you’re having a beautiful day.


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