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The End of the World

By Linda Tancs

On the west coast of Galicia, Spain, is Cape Finisterre, the Spanish equivalent of Britain’s Land’s End. The rocky peninsula was thought to be the end of the road, so to speak, in medieval times. The area is rife with memorials and dedications, a place where pilgrims celebrating the end of their Camino burn their clothes and boots in the fire pit. The area’s famed lighthouse sits atop Monte Facho, bearing witness daily to the ferocious Atlantic and its storied shipwrecks.

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  The Lighthouse Way | Travelrific® Travel Journal wrote @

[…] Lighthouse Way in Spain (Camino dos Faros) links Malpica with Cape Finisterre, a route dubbed the Coast of Death in the 19th century by British sailors due to the […]


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