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Positively Mythic

By Linda Tancs

In Malta, 7000 years of history echo through such storied attractions as a medievel dungeon, Megalithic temples, palaces, underground catacombs and remains of Roman villas.  That’s a lot of sightseeing, and all the while the azure waters of the Mediterranean beckon.  June is best for sun and sea escapes amidst the secluded coves or sandy beaches.  Lest you think that the island is just another haven for sun worshippers, the late summer rains give way to verdant pastures rife with wildflowers for nature lovers.  Just a few hours’ flying time from most mainland European cities via Air Malta or other carriers, your kingdom awaits.

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  The Knights of Malta | Travelrific® Travel Journal wrote @

[…] Over 900 years old, the Order of Malta is an ancient order that traces its origins to a monk’s humanitarian missions directed at pilgrims visiting the Holy Land.  More than just a religious order, its Knights comprise a sovereign entity that prints passports and enjoys diplomatic relations–all without the borders of a country to call its own.  The stateless state is located in Rome’s Via Condotti.  That’s quite unlike its namesake, the island of Malta. […]

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