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Archive for March, 2013

Nation’s Largest Orchid Show

By Linda Tancs

In Chinese culture, the orchid has long been a symbol of refinement and nobility.  No doubt its beauty and enchanting nature is reason enough why orchid cultivation has blossomed into an international industry.  In the United States, the largest orchid exhibition is taking place through 22 April at the New York Botanical Garden’s Orchid Show.  The curated show sports a mother lode of exotic orchids in every shape, size and color imaginable.  Of course, there will be orchids for sale, along with care demonstrations, mood music and cocktail evenings among the blooms.

Two to Tango

By Linda Tancs

In Buenos Aires, Argentina you can shake off the winter blahs (and those chilly temperatures accompanying many parts of the globe) at the annual tango festival now through 16 March. Originally the dance of poor dockworkers, the popularity of the tango is evident in the number of worldwide festivals honoring this steamy Latin dance.  So why not go back to the source and experience its flavor and flair for yourself in the city that made it famous.  Rhythmically challenged or not, there are dance lessons, as well as exhibitions, concerts and dancing displays.

Treasures from the Sea

By Linda Tancs

If seashell collecting seems as thrilling as watching paint dry, then you haven’t been to Sanibel Island, Florida.  The island’s east/west orientation brings a plethora of colorful shells ashore from the Gulf of Mexico.  This is where shell collecting is elevated to an art form.  There’s even an annual shell fair and show.  Taking place this weekend at the Community Center, the indoor/outdoor event features 250 shells, some elusive, as well as masterful works of shell art at the exhibition.

A Traveling Sisterhood

By Linda Tancs

Lunafest is a traveling film festival by, for and about women.  This year’s collection of nine films explores topics as diverse as chemotherapy, break-ups, shyness and gymnastics training.  Over 150 locations will participate in this event through June.  Find one near you.

Train Tickets Simplified

By Linda Tancs

Individual tickets or railpass?  Advance or same-day purchase?  How do you find the cheapest ticket?  Sometimes, the terms and conditions for international train travel can leave you dazed and confused.  That’s where the helpful advice of The Man in Seat 61 comes to the rescue.  Whether you’re interested in UK or continental Europe train travel, The Man has all the answers to demystify the ticket purchasing process.  Seat 61, by the way, is his favorite first-class seat on the Eurostar.

The Little Airport That Could

By Linda Tancs

Can you name a place where such luminaries as Amelia Earhart, General James Doolittle, several U.S. Presidents, Elton John, Diana Ross, Harrison Ford and Shania Twain would have gathered (not all at the same time, of course)?  The answer is Trenton Mercer Airport in Trenton, New Jersey.   Opened in 1929, the county airport averages 100,000 take-offs and landings each year, including flights to Florida.  Its illustrious history includes a role in the production of the WWII Avenger torpedo bomber.  Less than five minutes from the terminal building, the parking facilities are reasonably priced.  The parking lot can be accessed from either airport entrance (Scotch Road or Bear Tavern Road) directly in front of the terminal.

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