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One Hundred Years Into the Future

By Linda Tancs

In the middle of the scenic lake district of Saimaa in eastern Finland, the largest lake district in Europe, they’re celebrating one hundred years into the future.  That’s where you’ll find the medieval castle of Olavinlinna, site of the Savonlinna Opera Festival.  For 100 years, the astounding acoustics of Olavinlinna have been captivating opera lovers from all over the world.  The centennial season opens today with a grand gala, the program for which spans the entire 100-year history of the Festival.  Continuing through 4 August, the 2012 season is an interesting mixture of new and traditional, Finnish and international.  Representing tradition are three of the most legendary and most popular productions in the Festival’s history:  Mozart’s The Magic Flute, Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman, and Verdi’s Aida.  These three classics will be matched with two world premieres:  Kimmo Hakola’s La Fenice and the first opera created by an online community: Free Will.  Round-trip transport to the season’s performances is provided (for a charge) from the main Savonlinna hotels.

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Medieval castle of Olavinlinna

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