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The Ultimate Reading Room

By Linda Tancs

Bibliophiles, take note.   Would you like to view the only surviving copy of Benjamin Franklin’s first Poor Richard Almanack?  How about the manuscript of James Joyce’s Ulysses or Bram Stoker’s notes for Dracula?  These collections and more await you at the Rosenbach Museum and Library.   Founded in 1954 through a testamentary gift by renowned book dealers Dr. A.S.W. Rosenbach and his brother Philip, the facility is located at their 1865 historic townhouse on Delancey Place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The brothers played a central role in the development of private libraries that later became our nation’s most important public collections of rare books.  The collection has since grown to include the papers of poet Marianne Moore and the drawings of Maurice Sendak.  A guided tour includes Dr. Rosenbach’s rare book library, Philip Rosenbach’s fine and decorative art collections, and the recreation of modernist poet Marianne Moore’s Greenwich Village living room.  As the Rosenbach is a historic house museum and research library, make an appointment with the librarian to view items from their collections.


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