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A Revival in Algeria

By Linda Tancs

It takes a village to raise a child, goes an African proverb. On a high mountain peak overlooking the Gulf of Bejaia in Algeria, it takes a village to bring tourism and land development back to Djoua Kabyle, a village decimated and abandoned in 1958 following the Liberation War. From 15 to 22 July the locals will hold the Festival De Djoua, themed “Tourism and Local Development,” in a bid to raise awareness of economic and social development in the area. Amidst a backdrop including sea, mountains, and archeological sites, locals will demonstrate their handicrafts and offer entertainment in the nature of music, storytelling, poetry and theater. Kids are sure to enjoy the donkey rides and playground. Lecturers will also be on hand to inform visitors about the history of the region and its future potential. Find a cheap flight from Paris.


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  Sidi-Said wrote @

Linda, Many thanks for your article, that I would like to “re-inforce” with a slideshow … for the visotors who are more visuals …

(Arabic Algerian version)

(Berber Kabyle version)

(French version)

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