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A Golden Week in Japan

By Linda Tancs

May 1 is typically a public holiday in many parts of Europe, a time to celebrate the advent of spring and enjoy a bit of conviviality in the process. In Japan, however, they needn’t settle for a day of celebration. Golden Week, beginning on 29 April, marks the start of over a week of spirited activity and travel. In fact, many Japanese travel widely during the holiday as many businesses shut down. The festivities begin in April with Showa Day, marking the birthday of the emperor Showa. May 3 marks Constitution Day, so called for the new Constitution put into effect on that day in 1947. Nature is revered on May 4 during Greenery Day. The festival season concludes on May 5 with Children’s Day, a time when carp streamers decorate the thresholds of many homes to symbolize children’s success in life. If you want to be a part of the action, there’s plenty to see, like the 1300th anniversary celebration at Nara. This is prime time for cherry blossoms, too. Visit Hirosaki Park Cherry Blossom Festival. Maybe you’ll find a hanami (viewing party) to get happy with. Hana yori dango, as they say.


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