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Feeling the Heat in New Mexico

By Linda Tancs

With summertime heat gripping the northeastern U.S. these days, there’s no need to daydream about warm days and cool nights. But, hey, it’s only early spring so the day will come when the weather will match the calendar again. Then you might want to consider a dip in the 100-degree waters of Ojo Caliente, little more than an hour away from Santa Fe. The little town in New Mexico (population: 1000, give or take) lays claim to the country’s first natural spa, discovered in the 1500s by the Spaniards, who gave the place the name Ojo, or hot eye. Accommodations at the site range from garden variety hotel rooms to cliffside suites that won’t leave your wallet in tatters. So you can steep in the springs, not in the prices.



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