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Camel is King

By Linda Tancs

It’s humpback heaven in Pushkar this weekend in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan.  Pushkar Festival brings together camel traders and their ornately festooned charges ready for their close-ups.  A beauty pageant of sorts, the camels are paraded around for throngs of admiring onlookers, including curious tourists.  Of equal interest is Lake Pushkar, a must-see for shutterbugs.  Hindus believe that the lake was created by Lord Brahma (their creator of the universe) when he dropped a lotus flower to earth as a result of battle with a demon.  The lake is beset with ghats for bathing away sins (like Varanasi) during this high festival.  So how best to reach this holiest of places in the Rajasthani desert?  The nearest airport in Jaipur is 86 miles away.  A network of bus service will get you to Ajmer, just 7 miles away. The local bus ride through scenic mountain ranges will get you to your final destination in a half hour.


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