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Historic Lisbon

By Linda Tancs

Yes, Lisbon is historic.  No, we’re not talking about that legendary city in Portugal with over 20 centuries of history and its capital since its conquest from the Moors in 1147.  We’re talking about Lisbon, Connecticut, a small community named after its sister city in Portugal.  Located along the old stagecoach route linking Norwich, Connecticut and Worcester, Massachusetts, it’s perhaps best known as a chief leaf-peeping destination given its location on Route 169, a National Scenic Byway.  Thirty two miles in length, you can take in all the autumn wonder in just one day.  Besides the leaves, there’s plenty more to this route, especially for history buffs.  You can take a tour from Canterbury to Pulpit Rock Road Marker in North Woodstock, viewing along the way the first academy for young black women in New England, a stop on the Underground Railroad, and monuments to early settlers, war heroes, and famous legislators.


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