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Moving at a Glacial Pace

By Linda Tancs

A glacial pace is taken to mean a slow, lumbering movement.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that– unless we’re talking glaciers.  Ice movements in New Zealand and Greenland are causing some consternation among naturalists and scientists alike, not to mention the uncertain effect on tourism.  Consider this:  New Zealand’s 2 million-year-old Tasman Glacier in Mount Cook National Park is losing 500 meters each year, an uncomfortable progression for a skiing destination touted as the ultimate New Zealand alpine adventure.  On the other side of the world, Greenland’s glaciers have been shrinking for 100 years, losing some 150,000 tons of ice each year.  That’s bad news for Disko Bay, where adventurists travel to marvel at a colossal collection of floe.  Better get there before the glaciers leave town.

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