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Hassle-Free Flying in Toronto

By Linda Tancs

Short-haul flyers in Toronto can’t speak highly enough about Porter.  Situated downtown within easy reach of Union Station, this start-up offers flights between Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Ottowa, Halifax and Newark, New Jersey, with more U.S. destinations to follow.  Consider this list of features and benefits:  free ticket changes, free lounge access (leather seating) with complimentary wireless access, a free business center and all-you-can drink coffee, tea and soda.  A porter is defined as someone employed to carry burdens.  Sounds like they’ve taken a load off to me.

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Oh, Canada!

By Linda Tancs

Canada’s motto is “from sea to sea.”  And that’s no exaggeration for this country covering the Atlantic in the east, the Pacific in the west, and the Arctic in the north.  Explore this vast expanse at

The Syrup is Flowing in Ottowa

By Linda Tancs

If it’s March, it must be Maple Syrup Month.  That’s right, the sap is flowing in Ottowa, so go grab a bucket and indulge your sweet tooth.  Get ready to wander through acres of maples.  You can “maple-ize” anything–even beer.  Check out for the month’s festivities.

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