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Sands Implosion Marks End of an Era

By Linda Tancs

Sands Casino in Atlantic City, once the stomping grounds for such luminaries as Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack, is slated for implosion tomorrow at 9:30 p.m. amidst much pomp and flurry, including fireworks.   Aside from marking the end of a celebrity-infused era of glitz and glamor, the demolition is somewhat symbolic considering A.C.’s shaky economic footing these days.  So far this year, casino revenue is down nearly five percent.  Only time will tell if Pinnacle’s new luxe property will help improve the bottom line.  And so we salute the grand old Sands with a trivia question (answer to be posted tomorrow):  who was the last performer to grace the stage at Sands?

Cranberries Provide Autumn Color

By Linda Tancs

This time of year, it’s more than just the crimson treetops glowing against the cool blue sky.  Look under your feet–in the marshy bogs, that is.  ‘Tis the season for harvesting the cranberry, along with a few festivals to mark the occasion.  So where to go?  That part’s easy because cranberries only grow in a few regions, like the Cranberry Coast of Washington State, Wisconsin’s Cranberry Highway, Cape Cod, or South Jersey.  Might get a little cool.  Bring your Wanderful Places(r) sweatshirt along for the ride.


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