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Travel May Affect Insurance–Part Two

By Linda Tancs

In follow up to our 26 February post, New Jersey has now passed a law forbidding life insurance companies from adjusting premiums based on the travel predilections of policy owners–for the most part, that is.  Exclusion is made for the application of sound actuarial principles or past experience.  You can read the new law at

Travel May Affect Insurance

By Linda Tancs

One aspect of travel that most tourists probably don’t consider is the affect it will have on their life insurance.  Yes, that’s right.  Life insurance.  Some states, like New York, Connecticut, California, Maryland, Colorado, Washington and Illinois, prohibit life insurance companies from adjusting premiums based on customers’ past or future travel plans.  New Jersey is likely to follow suit.  As for the rest, presumably that means you better watch your wallet if big brother deems your trek through the Himalayas to be a high-risk activity.

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