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Bumping Rules Revised

By Linda Tancs

In follow up to our July 18, 2007 post, the U.S. Department of Transportation has finally issued its revisions to airline bumping rules.  As in the past, compensation for involuntary bumps will ensue for delays of at least 2 hours domestically and 4 hours internationally on aircraft holding at least 30 passenger seats.  The math in the event of this delay is this:  you get the lesser of 100% of your original one-way fare (including fees, taxes and surcharges) or $400.  If your delay is even longer (perish the thought!), then your compensation rises to the lesser of 200% of that one-way fare or $800.  You also have the right to request your payment in cash or by check in lieu of any vouchers for future travel.  That’s a good thing, considering the uncertain future of so many airlines these days.

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