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Brazil’s Atlantic Island Paradise

By Linda Tancs

Out in the Atlantic Ocean some 250 miles and three degrees south of the equator sits an archipelago of 21 islands known as Fernando de Noronha, an eco-paradise brimming with sea turtles and spinner dolphins unfazed by the destructive habits of man and machine in what seemingly appears to be every other part of the planet. If you can stand the rainy season (April to August), you’ll be rewarded with an enviable display of green living, maintained in part by an environmental preservation fee charged to tourists at the airport. Although it may sound off the beaten path, some of its beaches are ranked among the best of Brazil. In fact, Sancho was voted Brazil’s most beautiful beach last year, a place for diving and observing seabirds. Beyond Sancho is a reserve for spinner dolphins. Another hot spot is Porcos, characterized by two twin rocks and a natural pool formed between rocks and reefs. Only 500 tourists are allowed in per day, so get in line.



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Lost in Translation

By Linda Tancs

Just as marketers research their brand names in foreign markets so as not to offend, so too must tourists be wary of the shirt or purse sporting a phrase or logo in a foreign language.  Case in point:  Cameron Diaz toted a bag in Machu Picchu emblazoned with Mao Zedong’s “Serve the People” slogan in Chinese.  The problem is that Peru suffered an insurgency by the Maoist Shining Path rebels some twenty years ago.  Just another reason to research your destination before you travel and pack accordingly.

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