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A Ray of Light in Iceland

By Linda Tancs

Memorials to John Lennon abound throughout the world, but perhaps none is as spectacular as the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland.  Located on Viðey island near the capital of Reykjavík, a beam of light radiates from a white stone monument bearing the words “imagine peace” in 24 languages.  You can view it year round except for 8 December, the day he died.

Iceland’s Tallest Church

By Linda Tancs

You’ll get about 10 hours of daylight this time of year in Iceland.  That’s enough time to soak in the stunning views of Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik, a church resembling a giant ice carving.  At 244 feet, it is the nation’s tallest building.  Located in the city center, its bell tower (accessible via an elevator) provides the best views in the city.

A Cool Trip

By Linda Tancs

As record breaking heat grips the northeastern U.S. this late spring (spring!), it’s time for our collective mindset to turn to cooler climes.  How about Iceland?  Coming in this time of year at a delightfully cool 56 degrees fahrenheit in Reykjavik, you can run, hike, swim, bike, kayak or glacier hop without breaking a sweat.  And it shouldn’t hurt that Budget Travel cites Iceland as one of few places where the U.S. dollar goes further.  Of course, budget is a relative term.  If fuel costs, airline downsizings and surcharges have you staying closer to home, then you can always enjoy Icelandic culture vicariously through the Puffin cam on the tourist board’s website.

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