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Preserving the Past in Alabama

By Linda Tancs

At Fort Rucker, Alabama, they preserve the past for the future.  That’s where you’ll find the Army Aviation Museum, exhibiting over 160 military aircraft, including one of the largest collections of military helicopters in the world.  Aviation students, researchers, and authors will love the library (available by appointment only), housing more than 1,600 technical and field manuals, more than 2,000 films, an aviation history reference section, and approximately 95,000 photographs.  Guided tours are available on request (call ahead to ensure that access to the installation is not restricted due to security requirements), and admission is free.


U.S. Fishing Tournaments

By Linda Tancs

Sport fishing is a popular activity. Tournaments abound throughout the U.S. for this competitive pastime. Learn more about these nationwide events for grown-up peeps and pee wees alike at Travelrific® Radio.

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