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Mini Wonderland Draws Mega Crowds

By Linda Tancs

If you thought Legoland was the only expression of world travel in miniature, that would be no surprise given that it receives the lion’s share of publicity. But there’s another micro world drawing large crowds in Hamburg, Germany. That’s where you’ll find Miniatur Wunderland, a warehouse sporting three floors of tiny replicas of life in Europe and America–a dollhouse world of such sights as alpine pistes, Scandinavian castles, the glamor of Las Vegas and a bird’s eye view of the host city, Hamburg. Although the site has been in operation since 2001, it has gained distinction for its labyrinth model railroad system comprised of eight miles of track winding its way through this little universe. Sort of gives new meaning to the expression, “it’s a small world.”

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  World’s Smallest Airport | Travelrific® Travel Journal wrote @

[…] at Miniatur Wunderland, a sort of Legoland meets Lionel (as in trains) life-in-replica.  The marvels of this small world were reported on previously.  What will they think of next?  The summer crush long gone, this time of year is great for a […]

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