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The Hottest Place on Earth

By Linda Tancs

Summer brings its share of perils–ozone warnings, dust storms, fires, draught and stormy weather.  In some places, the heat is so extreme you might be wishing for your own polar ice cap to float on.  Take Dubai, for instance.  At a mere 40 degrees or so (centigrade, that is) in the shade, the air is so humid now you’d feel like a palm tree in a conservatory.  So why are more and more Europeans flocking to this place in the stoking hot season of summer?  In today’s crushing economic environment, value may be one answer.  Outside of high season (September to May), this up-and-comer’s offerings are more affordable for those wanting a taste of the good life.  And let’s not discount the probable desire of many travelers to witness history in the making as this Gulf resort for the super rich builds the world’s largest shopping mall and highest building.  So there’s more than heat that’s hot about this playground.  Whatever the season, though, those landmarks are likely to be little more than a gleam in your camera lens unless you’re part of the Jet set.

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