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The Most Expensive Dessert in the World

By Linda Tancs

You can search the world over for a trifle sweet truffle but, according to Guinness World Records, you won’t find one as pricey as that served at an eatery on East 60th Street in New York City.  The restaurant, known appropriately enough as Serendipity 3, offers a chocolate sundae concoction comprised of worldwide cocoas (or is that cacao?), whipped cream, edible gold (we’re not talking 10 carats here, but does it leave a metallic aftertaste?) and shavings from the venerable La Madeline au Truffe.  What is La Madeline au Truffe, you ask?  That’s a haute piece of chocolate truffle (with a little Perigord thrown in for good measure) created by Connecticut chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt.  This consummate confection is served in a golden goblet ringed with a diamond bracelet and eaten with–what else–a gold souvenir spoon.  That’s right–a souvenir.  You might as well have something by which to remember this $25,000 gastronomic delight.  Besides a lighter bank account, that is.

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  jvanover wrote @

My husband told me about that! Craziness.

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