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Archive for October, 2007

Burbank is More Than a Studio City

By Linda Tancs

NBC’s impending sale of its West Coast studios in what Johnny Carson dubbed “beautiful downtown Burbank” gives rise to the question:  besides standing in line for hours for Leno tickets, what else is there to see or do in Burbank?  Turns out, plenty.  For starters, Warner Bros. is still around for studio tours.  And you can catch a few flicks (30, to be exact) at the theatre complex.  Is live theatre your thing?  Then check out the Colony or the Falcon.  Burbank also bills its Starlight Bowl as a premiere outdoor entertainment venue, nestled amidst the Verdugo Mountains.  You can also shop till you drop, golf, bowl or ice skate.  Wondering what life was like in the 19th century?  Then visit the Historical Society’s museum and smarten up.  All this and a local airport, too.  What are you waiting for?

Trump Luxury Expands

By Linda Tancs

Never one to rest on his laurels, Trump has now launched the Trump Hotel Collection, a luxe brand including the New York Trump International Hotel and Tower and the yet-to-be completed Chicago and Las Vegas properties.  In Chicago, the new Spa at Trump line will be unveiled, sporting dedicated spa guestrooms and a full-service health club.  Lest you feel overwhelmed by all the extravagances available to you, a personal butler is on hand to see you through it.  That alone should let you rest well on your 500 thread-count Bellino Italian bed sheets.

Good Buys Gone Bad

By Linda Tancs

Sure, that red coral necklace looks just too irresistible at the market stall in Naples.  But at what price, vanity?  It might be a bigger price than you ever imagined if red coral is ultimately banned under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Oh, and that ivory figurine from Japan?  Better leave it behind unless you have the papers to prove it’s an antique–that is, 100 years old or more.  Crocodile and other lizard skins are likewise out of the question.  And forget about those terra cotta pots from Mali.  It’s better to know before you go, so check out U.S. Customs:

The Temples of Bangkok

By Linda Tancs

In this week’s edition of Travelrific Travel Show, the topic is Bangkok, Thailand.  Explore the life and times of Buddha in the temples of this exotic city.  Learn more at

CSI: Boston?

By Linda Tancs

Everyone loves a good whodunit.  So indulge your inner Stella, Horatio or Gil at Boston’s Museum of Science at their CSI exhibit, modelled after the TV franchise.  Now you too can analyze bullet casings and other forensic wonders to establish your own theory of the case.  But hurry–the exhibit closes on January 1.

Cranberries Provide Autumn Color

By Linda Tancs

This time of year, it’s more than just the crimson treetops glowing against the cool blue sky.  Look under your feet–in the marshy bogs, that is.  ‘Tis the season for harvesting the cranberry, along with a few festivals to mark the occasion.  So where to go?  That part’s easy because cranberries only grow in a few regions, like the Cranberry Coast of Washington State, Wisconsin’s Cranberry Highway, Cape Cod, or South Jersey.  Might get a little cool.  Bring your Wanderful Places(r) sweatshirt along for the ride.


New Regional Hub in Florida

By Linda Tancs

Business travelers in Florida have yet another option for point-to-point travel.  DayJet has begun operations in Boca Raton, offering per-seat, on-demand business jet service among five initial locations:  Boca, Gainesville, Lakeland, Tallahassee and Pensacola.  Visit their Web site at for more details.

*Now there’s five great locations for your Florida shirt. Check out


By Linda Tancs

In this week’s edition of Travelrific Travel Show, the topic is Singapore.  Although this city-state might resemble an urban jungle with its towering office complexes in the very cosmopolitan financial district, Singapore has its fair share of park-like ambience, too.  Hear about it at

What’s New in the Western Hemisphere: Part Deux

By Linda Tancs

 Attention all procrastinators:  time is up for winging it through the Western Hemisphere without official documentation.  You may recall that passport requirements were relaxed in the wake of an avalanche of applications that were filed (and very much delayed) to meet the new requirements.  Effective today, you must have passport in hand for your flights to Mexico, Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean.  Limited exceptions (in the way of military travel, for instance) apply.  Still don’t have that passport?  Expedited service is running at about 3 weeks, they say.  Go for it.

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