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The Derby in Jersey

By Linda Tancs

Okay, so it isn’t the Kentucky Derby, but the Breeders’ Cup Grand National this weekend in Somerset County, New Jersey surely makes the cut for panache.  And it doesn’t hurt that proceeds from the race are donated to Somerset Medical Center’s Steeplechase Cancer Center.  Set amidst the rolling countryside of Far Hills, this Grade 1 steeplechase race attracts 50,000 or so faithful each year, among them the tailgating cognoscenti occupying prime real estate at the hilltop overlooking the proceedings.  So come and see–and be seen.

 Answer to yesterday’s trivia question:  Ben Vereen.


  anonymom wrote @

This event is lovingly known to the locals as “The Hunt.” Since we live just two miles from the race site, if we don’t plan on going that day, we try to stay off the roads–traffic is bumper to bumper! For those planning to travel there, try escaping off Route 202 and taking the back roads…Schley Mountain Road to Douglas to Layton to Liberty Corner Road, to be exact.


  anonymom wrote @

Oh, and if it rains anytime close to race day, be sure to wear boots that you don’t mind destroying in mud. Since it poured earlier, I think that’s a good tip for this year.


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