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Women-Friendly Hotels on the Rise

By Linda Tancs

Does your room make you look fat?  If the answer is ‘yes,’ then maybe your hotel isn’t trying hard enough to please female occupants.  In an apparent attempt to sway the considerable population of women business travelers, some hotels have taken on the charge to make their premises more female friendly.  Take the London Hilton on Park Lane, for instance.  Their 22nd floor is devoted to female travelers, reputedly adapted to a woman’s special needs (skirt hangers, anyone?).  Ditto the Wyndham chain, offering enhanced security and in-room amenities like ergonomic chairs and shower massagers.  Now if they could only align the mirrors with the outlets, we’d all be a lot more comfortable.


  Dori wrote @

Well written article.


  Ms Manners wrote @

What a super concept, women friendly hotels!


Ms Manners.


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