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How to Find a Good Tour Company

By Linda Tancs

Granted, there hasn’t been much news lately of a tour company going belly up, stranding hundreds of passengers and stripping them of their tour and deposit monies–not to mention peace of mind.  The majority of tour operators are stable and reputable, but do your homework nonetheless.  Check with the Better Business Bureau in the city in which a tour company you plan on using is doing business.  You can also download a list of members of the U.S. Tour Operators Association at  Each tour company member is required to carry $1 million in security in the form of a bond or letter of credit held in trust by the USTOA to reimburse travelers against the operator’s financial instability or other failures.  With over $9 billion in sales volume, that’s a lot of money to look after so be sure to finish your homework.

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Thanks for all these information. It gives me more knowledge about travel and tours.


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