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Carry-On Rules Vary

By Linda Tancs

Is a monkey nestled in a hat an acceptable piece of carry-on luggage?  Probably not, although it’s difficult to imagine how that one got by the Peruvian authorities.  This incident does call to mind nonetheless the varying interpretations of what constitutes a piece of carry-on luggage.  U.S. travelers know, or expect, that a carry-on means one piece of actual luggage, plus a purse, handbag or laptop bag or even a combination of them.  Don’t try that in the UK, though.  The UK Department of Transportation makes clear that one piece of cabin baggage means just that–one piece.  A handbag can be stored within that one piece of baggage.  The rules apply to flights departing from or transferring through the UK.  So be warned, and watch out for those flying monkeys.

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