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Archive for November, 2007

Beaujolais Arrives in Time for Holiday Tables

By Linda Tancs

It’s the third Thursday of November, and you know what that means:  Beaujolais Nouveau makes its annual debut just in time for the holiday table.  Made in the Beaujolais region of France from the gamay grape, Nouveau is harvested and sold within a matter of weeks, which explains its flurry of publicity at wine shops this time of year.  Because it’s relatively light as far as reds go, it’s a great accompaniment for turkey.  À votre santé!

Eurostar Bids Adieu to Waterloo

By Linda Tancs

Not even an industrial strike in France affecting the Metro and train service to Calais and Lille can rain on Eurostar’s parade.  Beginning today, Eurostar leaves its roost at Waterloo for new digs at St Pancras offering a higher-speed line to Paris and Brussels.  Commuting time will now be just over 2 hours to Paris and just under 2 hours to Brussels.  Those morning croissants might still be fresh when you get there.

The Most Expensive Dessert in the World

By Linda Tancs

You can search the world over for a trifle sweet truffle but, according to Guinness World Records, you won’t find one as pricey as that served at an eatery on East 60th Street in New York City.  The restaurant, known appropriately enough as Serendipity 3, offers a chocolate sundae concoction comprised of worldwide cocoas (or is that cacao?), whipped cream, edible gold (we’re not talking 10 carats here, but does it leave a metallic aftertaste?) and shavings from the venerable La Madeline au Truffe.  What is La Madeline au Truffe, you ask?  That’s a haute piece of chocolate truffle (with a little Perigord thrown in for good measure) created by Connecticut chocolatier Fritz Knipschildt.  This consummate confection is served in a golden goblet ringed with a diamond bracelet and eaten with–what else–a gold souvenir spoon.  That’s right–a souvenir.  You might as well have something by which to remember this $25,000 gastronomic delight.  Besides a lighter bank account, that is.

Egyptian Splendor

By Linda Tancs

In this week’s edition of Travelrific® Travel Show, the topic is Egypt.  From the lush metropolis of Cairo to the regal splendor in the Nile Valley, you’re never far from experiencing ancient history.  Explore the splendor of Egypt at

Pistes of France Give Aspen a Run for Its Money

By Linda Tancs

What is France’s best kept secret?  No, it isn’t the location of the best truffle-producing oak tree. Instead, try the tony ski village of Megève in the heart of the French Alps.  Take to the pistes in high style from the comfortable elegance of a chalet at Le Hameau de Mavarin, sporting fabulous views of Mont Blanc.  After you’ve indulged in foie gras and farm pig at Michelin-rated Le Flocon de Sel, walk it off along the narrow cobbled streets in this pedestrian-friendly hamlet.  Aspen’s got nothing on this powdered paradise for skier and non-skier alike.

Hip New Cruise Ship Seeks Godmother

By Linda Tancs

Billing itself as the hottest ship on water, the Norwegian Gem is seeking a godmother to christen it.  The christening tradition in maritime history can be traced as far back as the Vikings, when human sacrifices were made to appease the gods.  Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then.  Today, the godmother’s role is to bring good luck to the ship and its occupants.  Are you up to the task? Visit for more information.

Holland’s Charms

By Linda Tancs

In this week’s edition of Travelrific® Travel Show, the topic is Holland.  Think of Holland and you probably envision wooden shoes and tulips.  But did you know that Holland has more canals than Venice and more bridges than Paris?  Tune in to and learn more about its charms.

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