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Golfers Will Find Paradise in the Balkans

By Linda Tancs

In Bulgaria, golf remains a little-known sport played predominately by foreign investors, diplomats and locals, if the scene at Ravno Pole is any indication.  But it’s the foreign investment that may turn this land of almost 8 million inhabitants into a golf mecca.  Already 19 properties are under development, set to compete with the ski and Black Sea resorts for an influx of tourism that reached the 5 million mark last year.  If Black Sea Rama, a Gary Player signature course, is any indication, it’s the luxe traveler with 15.000 euros to spend on a membership who’s likely to find karma there.  However, this government-supported venture promises to make golf an every man’s (or woman’s) game.  Whatever the case, an uptick in Bulgaria’s tourism image seems assured.

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