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The Ice Man Cometh

By Linda Tancs

The bogeyman may make sad the heart of childhood, but the Ice Cream Man makes glad the palate when he delivers personalized sundaes to kids before bedtime at Boston’s Four Seasons Hotel.  For that you’ll need to book the VIK (Very Important Kids) package.  What child wouldn’t love their own bathrobe and slippers, complimentary gift from the toy wagon, toy boat filled with treats and a scavenger hunt!  Childhood is a short season, as actress Helen Hayes observed.  The Four Seasons makes it a little sweeter.



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Boston, Cradle of Liberty

By Linda Tancs

In the current edition of Travelrific® Travel Show, the topic is Boston, Massachusetts. Boston is known worldwide as the site of the Boston Tea Party, but that’s only one event in a long timeline of America’s revolutionary history. Experience colonial times along the Freedom Trail or enjoy more contemporary activities in this vibrant northeastern city where past meets present.

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