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Alluring Bermuda

By Linda Tancs

Legend has it that if you walk through a moongate, you’ll return to Bermuda someday.  Chances are, you’d return anyway.  Find out why at

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  mooshka wrote @

You are sooo right. I did come back. I returned after a 10-year hiatus. And I consider myself very lucky, in that I went there this past January on a job assignment. [I dreamed that if I had to work after I retired, then my dream-situation would be to work in Bermuda. 2weeks there, and then 2 back home in NJ]
Your mind plays tricks….Bermuda felt smaller and tighter than I remember it. But the weather was a perfect and sunny 72F, the people smiling and helpful, but the job…shortlived.
But two observations……the native professionals DO TAKE PARADISE FOR GRANTED. and, if you have a yacht [ok-sailboat], then you just entered heaven on earth.

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